7.4 qTest 3.0 Release Notes - Aug 3rd, 2014


General Features:

  1. All qTest objects are fully customizable:

Requirement, Test case, Test Execution and Defect properties are customizable with 10 field types. You will be able to add custom values or modify System fields, especially with Execution Status; a color code can be selected to represent status value.



Since predefined values of status fields can be deleted, some System Queries which are using them as the criteria are removed from Data Query. Specifically, the following System Queries are removed or modified:

    • Defect Queries:

      • Open Defects

      • Resolved Defects

    • Test Execution:

      • Change the query from Test Coverage with Open Defects to Test Coverage with Defects

      • Change the criteria from Has Association with Open Defects to Has Association with Defects

  1. IE8 Support:

Though it’s not the recommended browser, the latest IE8 is now in our support list.

  1. Favorite Projects:

If there are too many items on your project list, you can mark your active projects as Favorites for easy accessing.



  1. Objects can be permanently deleted from Recycle Bin:



New Reports:

We are using a new Report Engine with seven new & updated reports for Requirement, Test Case, Test Execution and Defect. All reports can be exported to xls, pdf with graphs and csv, qTest system will email you the link to download exported file, processing time may vary depend on the data size. Specifically:

  1. Test Case Reports:

  • Test Case Creation & Approval

  • Test Case Summary

  1. Requirement Report:

  • Requirement Coverage

  1. Defect Reports:

  • Defect Analysis

  • Fixed Defect Verification

  • Creation & Resolution Accumulation

  • Defect Summary

  1. Test Execution Reports:

  • Test Execution Analysis

  • Execution Status With Defects

  • Test Execution Summary

** The new report engine will take longer time than the old one to process & graph large data reports. We're also working on a fix for 65 thousand rows limitation on exported Excel report.


Test Execution Enhancements:

  1. Testpad vs eXplorer configuration:

For eXplorer users, you now can choose one of these as your default test execute tool. The selection can be set at Project level and each member can modify his preference freely.

Defects submitted from eXplorer to JIRA will have a link back to qTest Test Run as submitted from TestPad.

Limitation: Current eXplorer application can’t display the color code of the custom execution status yet. We will release an update to address this.





  1. Linkage across Defect to a Test Log or a Test Step:

qTest automatically creates a linkage between Defect and the initiated Test run. User now is able to manually create the reverse linkage to have test run coverage for ad-hoc bugs.

You can also remove the link between a Test Log or a Test Log Detail and a Defect.



  1. Enhanced executor query:

You can query and export test run using Tester as a criterion.

  1. Quick run:

qTest user will be able to change the Test run status without launching Testpad. You can query the test run via preferred criteria and use batch update to mass change test run status easily.





Tracker Integration:

  1. qTest Connector Plugin 1.6:

This update supports defect submission to multiple projects and addressing the latest JIRA 6.3 changes. No more qTest account required to configure the plugin. Please access your JIRA admin and update qTest Connector plugin or visit Atlassian Marketplace to download the latest version.

A qTest project can be linked to multiple JIRA projects and users have the option to select the project to submit defects to.

  1. Auto sync defects status:

Linked defect status with JIRA & Bugzilla will be sync to qTest’s Test Runs automatically.

Enterprise Package only:

  1. Integration with LDAP:

qTest user management can be integrated with your LDAP for user authentication and a centralize account management.

  1. Across Project Reports:

In addition to the above reports, qTest provides two across project reports, to list all Test Executions and Defects details.

Bugs Fixes:

We have addressed a number of bugs raised by our qTest users. The bugs resolved in this release are:

Defect ID



Integration Settings - JIRA - qtest Defect code displays when updating issue type


Overlapped Test Runs Statistics


No Saving Reminder pop-up displays when clicking Reload after editing object's Properties


Test Execution - Deleting test cycle/suite/or test run while having release (created from Test Plan) selected, the release will be deleted as well


Site Administration > Licenses - Users - No message displays when inviting an existing login email


Test Execution - Status doesn't update when changing test case version of Test Run


Status & Type fields of Test Cases are required when importing Test Cases although they are not set as required.


Test Execution - Warning: Unresponsive script displays when Quick Run about 60 test runs using Firefox browser


Automation - Automation XML can be updated inside Test Execution page


Automation - Icon of execution & non-execution of automation test run does not update when status of test run has been updated.


Integration Settings - JIRA - Disable option 'Get data from a specific filter' for local JIRA 4


Test Run - Track history for Target Release/Build for test run. And snapshot it to Test log


Field Settings - Cannot delete value of Check box field