7.5 qTest Release Notes - May 6th, 2014



General Features:


  1. RESTful API v3 and SDK:

    The qTest Platform now provides a set of RESTful web service APIs, enabling our users to build out integrations with various applications including (but not limited to) ALM systems (Rally, VersionOne...), automation & unit testing  frameworks (Selenium, TestNG, Junit) and defect trackers (JIRA, Bugzilla, Fogbuz).
    Using the JSON requests & responses, users can manipulate the following qTest’s objects: Test case, Test run, Test suite, Test log, Defect and Attachments. The ability to manipulate requirement will be available in our next update.
    To make the integration even easier to create, we also provide a set of JAVA & .NET SDKs for the engineers to setup the integration using their familiar languages of choice.
    The qTest API v3 specification document can be found here.  The qTest JAVA SDK can be found here.
  1. New plans - qTest is available for purchased via the following packages:
    • Enterprise: includes qTest eXplorer (as a built-in application), Project History Extract utility (PER tool), Automation Integration Features, APIs & SDK and project cloning feature.
    • Pro: includes all other standard features of qTest not listed above. qTest eXplorer is available for purchase for an additional $9/user/month.
    • Project:  a basic package, which supports 1 project with 10 licenses. No limitation of objects or attachments applied. Users can upgrade to higher package without losing data.

    Packages and Price details can be found here.

  2. Automation Integration:

    qTest automation integration is available with Enterprise packages. It includes a set of features and the integrated packages that enable qTest users to submit automation execution results  along with manual testing logs.

    •     Create automation test cases and define qTest test suites using these test cases.

                                           Button to create Automation test case

    •     Import automation test suites (TestNG XML) as qTest test suites. qTest will automatically create automation test cases for the imported XML.

                                    Import Automation test cases from XML file
    •     Export the XML from qTest test suites for automation execution.

                                                           Export Test Suite to XML file

    •     Commit the automation execution results via qTest API services or SDK packages.

    The project admin has to activate the automation settings to enable the above features, links to download Instructions and integration packages are available on the qTest Resource page.  Currently, qTest will not store the automation scripts or schedule the automation execution.

  1. Time zone can be configured in My Profile settings page. Users will be prompted to select their preferred time zone as the updates go live. Objects' times will be converted to user time zone

                                        Time zone configuration

  2. Data query enhancements:
    • Test Cases: added Created date when customizing view of the result list. Users can verify what date test cases are created on.
  3. Recycle bin: users can now move objects into the Recycle bin and restore them later on as needed.
  4. Project cloning: data can now be cloned across projects:

    • User management settings
    • Field settings
    • Notification settings
    • ID settings
    • Object data, structure, attachment, history and links for Test Plan, Requirement, Test Design.

                                                    Clone project form

  5. Test Execution integration with qTest eXplorer, TestPad is now a part of eXplorer Integrated edition. User is able to view test run details, submit defect and test log on the fly using recording session information.

          New integrated qTest testpad-eXplorer


  6. Upgrade frontend UI framework to improve front-end performance and fix various cosmetic bugs.

  7. Hotkeys (Ctrl+F) for saving an item and going to next item when viewing the detail page of an item.


Test Design Enhancements:

  • Change baseline status to a new "Approve" workflow

                                               The Approve button

  • Capability to customize test case's statuses list
  • Capability to batch-approve multiple test cases using the data query feature

                                                           Batch approve multiple test cases


Test Execution Enhancements:


  1. Ability to change Test Run’s status without the need to run TestPad.


                    New Quick Run buttons on test runs and test suites

  1. Ability to export Test Execution detailed report, which includes all execution details of test runs in every release, along with individual test step details and their execution results.

  2. Capability to batch-update multiple test runs’ statuses using the data query feature.

                                           Batch update test runs' statues
  3. Separate Test run’s attachments from Test case's. I.e.: test run will have its own attachment folder.

  4. Ability to customize view of test logs of test runs which allows users to review all fields more dynamically.

                                   Customize view button on test run's test log


JIRA enhancements:


  1. Generate link on JIRA requirements to qTest test case. Also supports unlinking in case of object deletion or objects de-association.

    Snap_2014-04-01_at_15.00.35.png  Snap_2014-04-01_at_15.00.51.png
                                              Links between JIRA requirement tickets and qTest's test case

  2. Generate links from a JIRA issue ticket to a JIRA requirement if that information can be obtained on qTest.

  3. Browser plugin qTest JIRA integration to support auto-fill test execution data into JIRA defect submit form for both JIRA OnDemand & OnPremise. The plugins are available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE.

                                                 Chrome browser plugin

  4. Link a test run to an existing JIRA defect, add test steps to defect's comment.

  5. New qConnector 1.5 that can be installed from Atlassian Martketplace for JIRA OnPremise version. This update addresses the performance & conflict issues present within the previous version of other plugin.