7.6 qTest Release Notes - Mar 31st, 2014


The release notes show items delivered in the qTest Beta program for this release. You can read more about this event and  sign up for new beta qTest sites here.


API and Automation integration will only be available in the qTest Premium package. All other features in the Beta release will be part of the next qTest Pro upgrade.  (qTest Premium and qTest Pro packages will be announced later in the April's release).  

General Features:


  1. APIs supports Automation testing & qTest eXplorer including:
  • Test execution APIs, which provides capability to update test automation results and create new test runs

  • Test case APIs to create test cases

  • Defect APIs to create defects

    The qTest API v3 specification document can be found here.

  1. Automation Integration:

                                                          Automation Settings UI

  • Native support for TestNG framework (Selenium), other framework can be integrated using JAVA SDK / APIs

  • Automation test cases can be imported into qTest using XML files

              Import Automation Test Cases

  • New test case and test run type is introduced: “Automation”, with the ability to map with a class/method name

  • Provides the Automation SDK (.NET & JAVA) to support pushing automation results into qTest without the need to change automation script or calling API

  • Export qTest test suite to XML file that can be used to initiate the automation execution

                                Button to export Test Suite to XML                                                      

  1. Time zone can be configured in My Profile settings page. Users will be prompted to select their preferred time zone as the updates go live. Object time will be converted to user time zone

                                        Time zone configuration

  2. Upgrade frontend UI framework to improve front-end performance and fix various cosmetic bugs.

  3. Hotkeys (Ctrl+F) for saving an item and going to next item when viewing the detail page of an item.


Test Design Enhancements:

  • Change baseline status to a new "Approve" workflow

                                               The Approve button

  • Capability to customize test case's statuses list


Test Execution Enhancements: (Beta period)


  1. Ability to change Test Run’s status without the need to run TestPad


                    New Quick Run buttons on test runs and test suites



  1. Separate Test run’ attachments from Test case's. I.e.: test run will have its own attachment folder

  2. Ability to customize view of test logs of test runs which allows users to review all fields more dynamically.

                                   Customize view button on test run's test log


JIRA enhancements:

  1. Generate link on JIRA requirements to qTest test case. Also supports unlinking in case of object deletion or objects de-association.

    Snap_2014-04-01_at_15.00.35.png  Snap_2014-04-01_at_15.00.51.png
                                                                          Links between JIRA requirement tickets and qTest's test case

  2. Generate links from a JIRA's issue ticket to a JIRA requirements if that information can be obtained on qTest.

  3. Chrome browser plugin to support auto fill test execution data into JIRA defect submit form for both JIRA OnDemand & OnPremise. This plugin can be added into your Chrome browser from here.

                                                 Chrome browser plugin

  4. Link a test run to an existing JIRA defect, add test steps to defect's comment.