7.7 qTest Release Notes - Jan 13th, 2014


General Features:

  1. Ability to open Top menus in new browser tab: Users can open multiple menus as regular HTML links. The new tab can be opened by using browser’s context menu or the hotkey Ctrl + Right mouse click.


  2. Enable HTTPS protocol for all qTest pages.
  3. Enhancements for Data query function and more query conditions.





    Test Case and Requirement data query: added a criterion "Module" which will return all requirements/test cases belongs to the queried module.



    Test Execution data query: added 3 more criteria

    • “Test Suite”: return all test runs belong to a queried test suite

    • “Has attachments”: return all test runs which have attachments (attachments belong to test run)

    • “Associated test case”: return all test run instances of a queried test case



    Defect data query: added a criteria name “Subscriber”  which will return all defects which are being subscribed by the queried person(s)



    Ability to sort by item IDs for all data queries

    By default, the order will be arranged by object ID ascending


    Change criteria “Owner” to “Creator”

    Feature of this criteria still remains unchanged


    Add operator “Is” and “Is not” to all fields which are not required (either system fields or custom fields) on every objects



  4. Introduce qTest eXplorer plugin, a complete capture application that captures users activities as mouse clicks or data entries and generate intelligent narrations of user’ actions with screenshot that can be submitted to qTest as defects or test case.  qTest eXplorer supports capturing single and multiple applications at the same time, users can save eXplorer output, the trace file and append the next session to the previous. The editor of eXplorer provides versatile tools to annotate the screenshots. The outputs can be exported into different formats like Word or PDF and can be submitted to other popular trackers beside qTest.

    * The plugin can be downloaded from qtestnet.com and installed on a Windows PC. qTest Explorer plugin is available for any users of an active qTest trial instance (trial & pro) that has this option enable. By default the plugin will be activated, please contact your system Admin if you can’t login your qTest instance. For pricing please visit our website.



    Requirement Enhancements:
    1. Ability to Import Excel document as Requirement: Logics and mapping procedure are identical to the Import Test Case feature.


    2. Ability to export Requirements to Excel file: Logics and mapping procedure are identical to the Export Test Case feature. User will have the option to export requirement as Excel (without rich text format) or HTML (retain rich text format).


    3. Requirement Test Run traceability report: this report displays the whole mapping from a single requirement to its associated test cases and test run instances with the detailed level of each test run’s execution status



    Test Execution Enhancements:

    1. New layout design for the Test Run detail page: The structure is reorganized to offer better visibility and less redundant information.


    2. Custom fields for Test Run: Admin can define customize fields for test run. By default, Test Run’s fields will be inherited from Test Suite’s system fields and custom fields. Users can add up to 20 custom fields into Test Run.

      Furthermore, UI of this setting is improved to provide better usability. Users can quickly differentiate between field types of an object types.


    Bug Fixes & Changes

    We have addressed a number of bugs raised by our qTest users. The bugs resolved in this release are:




    Test Design - Test case version is increased when updating Test case type after selecting a test step.


    Data Query - Query result does not display properly after updating a defect.


    Integration Settings - Jira - Connection configuration page freezes with invalid username/password.


    Integration Settings - Error message is displayed when retrieving JIRA Data from 2 browsers at the same time.


    Integration Setting - Failed to retrieve JIRA data when Requirement type is mapped to get Data from a filter containing ORDER BY query.


    Test Execution - Items with the same name are not displayed in Execution Summary.


    Requirement - Data Query: Error occurs when customizing Sample Project’s view.


    Integration Settings - JIRA - qTest is displayed in working mode although it completed retrieving over 500 JIRA issues.


    Certain execution reports displays incorrect data.


    Data Query - Export feature does not work if the custom view contains URL.


    Test Execution - Failed to save the test execution after linking to Bugzilla defect.


    Notification Settings - Incorrect defect ID is displayed in Notification Email.


    Data Query - Allow user to add more than 10 clauses.


    Requirement - HTML code is displayed in Excel file when exporting requirements with Rich text fields.


    Data Query - Failed to Export XLS files with Rich text fields which have over 32,767 characters.


    Test Design - Failed to export test cases with Test Step Attachment field.


    Custom field setting - The first & last values are checked when user selects the last value of a Check box field with >=10 values.


    Test Execution - Rally - No project displays in Select Project drop-down list when clicking Defect icon in Test Pad.