8.2 qTest 1.4.1 Release Notes - Sep 30th, 2013


This release introduces consolidated JIRA integration that is capable of synching requirements and defects for both cloud and local JIRA instances.

Major Features

JIRA Integration:


qTest will automatically detect user’s JIRA instance and offer proper configuration without the need for user to select their JIRA’s deployment type (Local or OnDemand). User will be able to map JIRA requirements to qTest and be able to submit defect from qTest execution to JIRA directly.


  1. JIRA Local: Please install “qTest Connector 1.3” add-on from Atlassian Marketplace on your JIRA instance to activate the integration. qTest connector now fully supports JIRA of all local versions 4.4 and up.

    * For Local JIRA version 4.4 to 4.5.5, you will be prompted to download the "qTest connector for JIRA v4.4 to v4.5.5" add-on specifically.

  2. JIRA OnDemand: The integration can be achieved via qTest integration module. This new version is capable of populating JIRA’s bug’s properties and enabling users to select predefined values from qTest interface and reduce the improper bug submision. E.g.: User can select JIRA users on Owner / submitter fields…

                                                                                              Consolidated  UI of the JIRA integration feature


Mapping multiple JIRA's issue types to qTest's defects or requirements


Mapping qTest execution outputs as part of the defect submitting to JIRA is easy with the new configuration. qTest integration module also be able to support JIRA's custom workflows.


                                                               Auto-fill feature for JIRA issue types mapped as qTest's defects


OnDemand JIRA's issue types which are mapped as qTest's requirements can now be retrieved into qTest, these requirements can then be linked to test cases to generate a complete requirements & test cases traceability matrix.



                                                                                                    JIRA's issue type mapped as qTest's requirement



Bug Fixes & Changes

We have addressed a number of bugs raised by our qTest users. The bugs resolved in this release are:




Data Query feature - The count of being progressed requirements is not increased continuously when 2 users performs batch edit simultaneously


JIRA integration – Fixed an error which causes system to not update Status value of JIRA Requirements when using the Simple Issue Tracking Workflow Scheme in JIRA version 6.0 and above


Batch edit feature- System could not find and replace these specific characters :"<" and ">"


Subscription feature - the Subscription feature would not work when creating/viewing Defect from Test Pad,


Test Execution menu – Display order of test runs which are added to Test execution’s root page/releases/test cycles/test suites is not retained as in the Test Design tree.