8.3 qTest 1.4.0 Release Notes - Sep 15th, 2013


Major Features:

  1. Batch Update Feature: provides the ability to mass-update multiple qTest objects at once.

    • User will be able to query and select qTest objects (requirement, test case, test run, defect) for editing using a flexible query function.

    • Update selected objects’ properties, replace text or mass delete.

    • View the post-operation’s log.

  2. Defect Subscription: users will be able to subscribe to specific defects and be notified when there are updates to those defects, regardless of their project role.

  3. qTest Tutorial Videos: demo videos are now available to provide users of qTest with a guided overview/tutorial experience.

    • Quick videos that cover all functional areas of qTest.

    • Option for user to request live demo with a qTest product specialist.



  • Additional improvements to the New JIRA 5.0.x integration feature.

    • Improve integration setup GUI: update buttons and auto save reminder.

    • Improve requirement layout to differentiate JIRA and qTest requirements.

    • Add qTest’s test run link on JIRA’s defect properties.

  • Improve Defect functionalities:

    • Defect's description is now editable.

    • User can change defect status freely from constraint workflow.

    • Enhanced defects notification with improved email templates and triggers with more details about the changes.

    • Notify all project users of changes to configurations of Defect Integration in real time.

  • Requirement export – Retain modules structure on HTML format.

  • Enhance XLS export functions permission to cover various Export features.

  • Elastic IPs for qTest servers. Integrations to local tracker systems  behind firewall are now more manageable and less exposed.

Major Features

  1. Batch Update

This feature is available on the following menus: Requirement, Test Design, Test Execution and Defect.

Users can query for a list of objects using their own filter criteria, then select items from the resulting list to perform the mass update operation.



The new Query Data button


Upon clicking the Data query button in each menu, the query UI is displayed which allows users to query for specific objects using different filter criteria.


The Data Query UI is displayed after clicking the Data query button


Users select items from each query to perform mass editing using the Batch Edit form.


The Batch Edit form

  1. Defect Subscription 

    A new Subscription widget is available on each Defect’s detail page which allows users to quickly follow changes made on defects. 

    Users can either select to subscribe to a defect by themself or edit the subscriptions list to determine who will be notified upon changes. (This is aka the C/c feature).


The subscription widget

Each user who subscribes to a defect will receive notification emails regarding updates and changes to this defect. The content and format of this email is also improved.  An example of the new email format is depicted in the screenshot below.


New notification email content with track changes and rich text format

  1. qTest Tutorial Videos

    The Quick guide has been replaced  by the new Quick Guide product tutorial video.  The new tutrorial video contains a guided overview of each major functional area of qTest. The easy to follow narration and screens will refresh an existing users or provide beginning guidance for a new user.


The welcome page

The index page



Viewing a video (available in fill screen mode)



Bug fixes

We have addressed a number of bugs raised by our qTest users. The bugs resolved in this release are:




Defect: Sync Test Plan milestone order to Defect’s timeline fields like Target release / Fixed release


Requirement - Update maximum length of requirement name from 130 to 255 characters.


Test Design – Error message 'Please select at least one Test Case field' displays although user already selects some fields to export test case.


Notification - Two notification messages are generated when adding a new test run or creating a defect.


Drag & Drop - Instructions are not displayed in Dragging box when drag & drop an object after importing.


Requirements / Test Design - Inconsistent test case name displays in Create Associated Test Cases area when requirement's name contains (").


Notification Settings - Change subject of notification email.


Requirement - Error saving a requirement when some fields were removed.


Test Execution/Test Run/Execution History – Inactive fields are displayed in the Execution History/Test Data Set with no value.


Defects - Comment's created time changed after saving.


Site Administration > Site Users - qTest hangs if all Admin users were removed.


Reports - All defects displays with ID as 'DF-0' when filtered by 'Submitter' in Defect Analysis report.


Test Design - Incorrect test case highlighted on navigation tree if user collapses / expand modules.


Integration Settings - Cannot populate JIRA’s Epic object’s fields.


Notification Settings - Description should not trigger the notification event as a comment.


Test Execution - Drag & Drop: Cannot drag & drop a test run under test suite to the top of Test Runs grid.


Test Execution - Failed to add test run after deleting test case.