8.6 qTest Release Notes - Apr 26th, 2013

We are glad to introduce a couple of big updates below:




 1 Unique IDs for objects and prefixes settings

Users with project admin privilege can now access the ID prefix settings page to manually configure their objects' ID prefixes appearance.

  • By default, for each newly created object, a set of ID prefixes have been already set for all objects
  • Users can set different ID prefixes for objects as desired.
  • In the next release, users will be able to order objects in any order on the objects tree or in grid areas, disregard their titles or IDs
***The ID prefixes are available to display for defect only in this release. We will apply for all other objects soon.


Support drag-and-drop functionality

Users are now equipped with the ability to drag-and-drop functionality in various data grid areas. This will ease the object arrangement significantly. Moving objects between nodes on object trees can be now performed with eye catching and intuitive UI design.



Provide defect references section

Users can now see a defect is cloned by which defect, or a defect has cloned which defect(s) in its detailed screen



 Bugs fixing

Tons of crucial bugs have been resolved completely, thanks to the valuable support of our users.

E.g.: Export requirements to html, some special chars are converted to strange code. We have fixed it completely in this Release