8.7 qTest Release Notes - Apr 5th, 2013

Thanks to our users' feedbacks, below are the items for this release:

ID Component Summary
1 Report / Data query  Additional Test case queries. Users now can query the Test case that: called by the other Test case and calling other Test cases. 
2 Report / Data query Users can query for objects that has attachment. Be able to quick view image by hovering over the link. 
3 General Component Great new feature! Users can drag & drop objects on the Navigation tree on the left as another option of Cut & Paste. Users will soon be able to move rows on qTest grids like Test case steps.
4 General Component We love qTest users! Live chat with Product Specialist anytime by access the Chat button on the bottom-right of your screen.  
5 External Defect Integration  Additional "auto-fill" functions for defect submitting feature: users can include "Test steps", "Test case name", "Pre-condition", "Description" into the bug report. 
6 Reports
Enhance "Test execution report", users can filter the execution by Release / Cycle / Suite, order of a test case execution also provided. New "Test Case Creation & Approval" provide the audit trail of the Test creation history. 
7 Test Execution  / TestPad Enhance TestPad, users will be able to re-run multiple times on a saved Test run. qTest will automatically log all of the changes. 
8 General Component Enhance Navigation Tree, users will be able to expand and collapse the tree by clicking on the "plus" icon on the root folder.  
9 Security options Admin can set a expiration for users' password and be able to configure days to remind users changing password. Admin can set the how many changes till a password can be reused.Admin can set a locking mechanism after a predefined number of failed logging attempts.
10 Test Execution Users can view the source Requirement and Test Case of a Test Run. 
11 General Component Enhance objects' title and update notification for better view. 
12 General Component Increase upload file limit to 50MB. 
13 Test Execution 

Enhance Test Execution logic: 

1- While running all steps, if you mark a step as Failed/Block first, then the overall test run's status will be Failed/Block regardless the remaining steps' statues.

2-While running all steps, if you mix Unexecuted/Incomplete/Passed (not any steps marked as Failed/Block), then the overall test run's status will be Incomplete.

3-Test run will be Passed only when all steps are Passed

4-Test run will be Unexecuted when it has been newly added into Test Execution tree and never been executed.