8.99 qTest Release Notes - Jan 20th, 2013

We have several new features and couple major GUI updates in this release. Below are the details of this release.

ID Component Summary


Integration Enhance integration mechanism with trackers. External defect trackers' fields and values are populated asynchronously, users can work on other items while the progress's carried behind the scene.


General Component / Hotkey
qTest supports hotkey for create / delete objects and module, release, cycle on the modules' tree panels. User can access hint on the bottom of tree panel area.


Report module
All new dynamic reports: Defect analysis, Test execution analysis, Requirement coverage. User can generate reports by different criteria. Drill down level up to object detail.


General Component / GUI
Merge objects' Resource tab into Details tab.


Test Design
User can insert new Test steps into the Test case by click the "Add" button on the action column.


Test Execution / Add Test Run
Provide search on "Add test run" filters so users can add test run based on different criteria on Requirements, Test cases, Defects. User be able to check all / baseline all test runs when adding to a test suite.


Project Settings / Field Settings
Merge object's system properties and custom fields into the same view. User can configure the fields arrangement by moving the fields up and down to change the display on object's view. System fields and custom fields are searchable. qTest will also keep track of custom fields change on objects' history.


General Component
Attachment limit is up to 10MB.


General Component
Secure connection for users to access the system from invited emails.


Administration / Site Users
Admin will be able to hide archived users. Dummy users of "qConnect - Sample Project" removed from the users' list.


General Component / GUI
Enhanced analytical data on Test Design, Test Execution modules. Show summary on Test Execution nodes.


General Component
Show last modification time on qTest's objects.


Test Design / Call Test Case
qTest offers the baseline function in case the called test case's not baselined. Warning in case users delete a test case that being called by other test cases. Showing the list of called Test cases if users delete a module (both Requirement and Test Design).


Administration / Users Profiles
Separate "Import function" privilege from Admin right. Regular users can perform the import function if granted this permission.
 15  General Component / Assignment  Admin can assign members from Assignment area or from the object by using the field "Assign to". Be able to set task priority. Task / Assignment can filtered by member, priority and execution status. New Assignment area for Test Execution. 


Test Design / Linked Requirement
qTest will inform users at Test case detailed page if the linked requirements have been changed. Users can quick view the change and dismiss the notification.


General Component / History  Enhance history logging, display details of content change.