9.6 qTest Release Notes - Oct 12th, 2012

Thanks to the feedbacks we've received from qTest beta users, especially Kamsia Noine and Artur Gula. Please find below the items has been resolved in this update:

ID Component Description Feedback link
1 Test Plan Fix error message when users select and delete Release and Build with shift key http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22085691-is-there-any-way-to-add-multiple-releases-builds-at-one-time
2 Test Design View an old baselined test case version attachment icon at test step is no longer available  
3 General Retain user email after a failed login http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
4 Notification message Change Notification header from "Save succeed" to "Notification" http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
5 General Tooltip for Notification icon http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22112213-from-artur-gula-archtechsolutions-add-tooltip-for-notification-icon
6 General Tooltip for remove attachment icon from Artur Guła email
7 General Fixed defect on calendar months view is hidden - only show November-December for selection. User has to select other months by using arrow buttons http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
8 Email notification Improve email notification subject and content  
9 Defect Fix query defect issue: No result return with Target Date/Closed Date/Submitted Date selected  
10 General Fix main menu under user avatar - container are clickable - previously users have to click directly on the text http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
11 General Enhance comment input field - support multiple lines per comment http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22101652-from-artur-gula-archtechsolutions-enable-multiple-line-text-area-for-comment-fields
12 General Update my profile password validation rule to be consistent with qTest registration http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
13 General Enhance all grids' view with sortable. Fix error message "An error occurs" http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
14 Client profile Users can key in state information for countries other than US http://support.qasymphony.com/entries/22122073-my-findings
15 Report Customized Reports - Fix error when users click on column header