Purchase FAQs

Purchase FAQs

  1. How can I purchase qTest OnDemand?

    Get-Info-icon.pngTo purchase qTest OnDemand, please contact sales@qasymphony.com.

  2. How can I purchase qTest OnPremise?

    Get-Info-icon.pngTo purchase qTest OnPremise, please contact sales@qasymphony.com.

  3. How can I purchase Explorer + Sessions module?

    Get-Info-icon.pngYes, please contact sales@qasymphony.com to inquire about Explorer + Sessions.

  4. When does the license lifetime start: at the point of purchase or installation?

    Get-Info-icon.pngThe license’s lifetime starts when you make the purchase.

  5. Can I trial your product before purchase?

    Get-Info-icon.pngAll of our products come with a 14-day trial. Sign up for a trial here.

  6. Can I transition from qTest OnDemand to OnPremise?

    Get-Info-icon.pngPlease contact sales@qasymphony.com to inquire about transitioning from OnDemand to OnPremise.

  7. What happens when my license expires? Will my data be deleted? 

    Get-Info-icon.pngFor OnDemand instances, your data will be read-only but available for export for 60 days after expiration. For OnPremise instances, you can access the data as it will be on your own server.