03. Set up a shared directory using NFS - Windows

Before you begin

  • Install NFS server on the machine where you create the shared directory
  • Install NFS client on the machines which will connect to the NFS server

Configure the shared directory

  1. Right click on the directory which you want to share to other machines, select Properties
  2. Choose tab NFS Sharing then click Manage NFS Sharing... button
  3. On the NFS Advanced Sharing dialog, select the options as the image below:
    1 - Share Dir
  4. Click Permissions button
  5. On the NFS Share Permissions, grant Read-Write access and Allow root access to ALL MACHINES like this:
    2 - Set share permissions
  6. Click OK and then Apply these settings on the shared directory

Map the shared directory on the NFS client machines

  1. On each NFS client machines, create a batch file (.bat) with the following content:
    mount -o fileaccess=777 [nfs-server-host]:\[shared-dir-name] [drive-letter]: > [log-file-path] 2>&1
    • [nfs-server-host]: host name or IP address of the NFS server
    • [shared-dir-name]: name of the shared directory on the NFS server
    • [drive-letter]: the drive letter to map with the NFS shared resources. It must be usable on the local machine
    • [log-file-path]: full path to the file to which the system will write log of the scheduled mapping at every startup
  2. (This step is required!!!) Open Task Scheduler to schedule the above batch file to be executed as NT AUTHORITY\System at system start up
    3 - Schedule Security
    4 - Schedule trigger
    5 - Schedule Action
    6 - Schedule options
  3. Restart the server and check if the drive has been mapped successfully. If not, check the log file for troubleshooting

  IMPORTANT: when mapped using this method, the drive will be displayed as “Disconnected Network Drive”, it’s just a side effect and can be ignored as long as you can browse and create content on the drive using File Explorer