04. Set up Tomcat APR connector

Before you begin

  1. This is the work-around for GUI issues when you upgrade qTest Manager v8.1.5 on Ubuntu 14 to qTest Manager v8.4 on Ubuntu 16
  2. After upgrading the OS and qTest Manager, view qTest Manager on your browser. If you find any GUI issues, please follow the steps in this article. Otherwise, you can skip it
  3. If you deploy qTest Manager on multiple servers, please repeat these steps on each of the servers

Set up Tomcat APR connector

  1. Access to qTest Manager's installation directory
  2. Shut down qTest Manager
    $ sudo ./qtest_shutdown.sh
  3. Back up file qtest/conf/server.xml under the installation directory
    $ sudo mv qtest/conf/server.xml qtest/conf/server.xml.bk
  4. Create a new server.xml file
    $ sudo mv qtest/conf/server.xml.bio qtest/conf/server.xml
  5. Start qTest Manager
    $ sudo ./qtest_start.sh