4. Custom Reports (Explore Data section)

Custom Reports (Explore Data section)

Under Explore Data you can filter and group data in different views build your custom reports.


NOTE: This feature is only available to users with Editor privilege

  • Requirements: Provide analysis view on Requirements data. 
  • Test Cases: Provide analysis view on Test Cases data.
  • Test Runs: Provide analysis view on Test Runs data.
  • Test Run Logs: Provide analysis view for each Test Run log result.
  • Defects (qTest): Provide analysis view on qTest Defects data.
  • Defects (Linked): Provide analysis view on Defects data from external tracker such as JIRA, VersionOne, and Rally | CA Technologies. Defects from external trackers have to be associated with qTest Test Run to be counted as Defects (Linked).
  • Manager Combined: This view combines test run data with test case, requirement, and defect data. It's especially useful to build traceability reports.
  • Sessions: provide data of sessions recorded (using qTest Sessions) together with their associated defects, requirements, test cases, test runs.
  • Screens: provide screen information of recorded sessions, including their associated notes, defects



 Options on Explore Data

  • Formula: you can create new column from a formula
  • Filter: filter data for your chart
  • + Chart: click this tab and start create your own chart. The chart will be built based on data of the data analysis grid
  • + Crosstab: Click this tab and start create your own crosstab. The crosstab will be built based on data of the data analysis grid
  • Save Report: Give your report a name and save it so that you can manage and schedule it later.
  • Select fields to build your chart or crosstab
  • Turn the chart into different chart type like Bar, Line, Curved Line, Pie, Heat map, Gauge, and Scatter Plot.

 Chart and Cross Tab Functions 

  • Build your chart:  Check example articles on how to build chart / crosstab
  • Add Panel:  Add a panel based on your chart / crosstab
  • Remove:  Delete your chart / crosstab

 Analysis Grid 

For detail description of the Analysis Grid Please check this article Analysis Grid