3.1 Add panels to dashboard

Add Panels to Dashboard  

Panels are charts, graphs, grids and other reporting widgets that can added to shared and personal dashboards.

1. Add Pre-built Panels

To add a panel to dashboard, click gear icon of the tab and select Add Panels.


  • In Add Panels window, there are many pre-built reports.
  • You can search for a panel and add it to your personal or shared dashboard.


2. Add Custom Built Panels

You can build custom report, and create a new custom panel based on that report. Refer to the article Custom Reports on how to build custom report.

Once the panel is added, it will be automatically grouped into its relevant Gallery. There are four Galleries representing four objects from which you're creating your custom reports: Requirements, Test Cases, Test Runs, Defects.

  • Select a Gallery to quickly find your panel
  • Click Add button to add your panel to the Dashboard
  • Click Delete from List button to remove the panel from Panels List