2.3 Velocity Analysis

Velocity Analysis Report 

The Velocity Analysis reports show how fast the team is going and how much work might be left to do. Below are some helpful tips on navigating the Velocity Analysis report.

1. Velocity Analysis

Select Velocity from the menu Analysis to open the Velocity Analysis page.


There are three velocity metrics as following:

  • Test Planned vs. Executed: cumulative results by day for the # of test planned & executed & execution results.
  • New Requirements and Test Cases: # of requirements and TCs (manual & auto) added by day.
  • Defects Opened and Closed: # of defects opened and closed by day.

 Analyzed Data Table: shows activities and results broken down by testers.


  • Estimated Time Remaining: calculated based on the measured time spent by tester per test step and the number of test steps remaining.
  • Forecasted Defects Remaining: calculated based on the number of defects found by tester per test run and the number of test runs remaining.
  • Explorer Sessions:  the count of explorer sessions conducted by the tester

  • Explorer Time:  total time of explorer sessions conducted by the tester

2. Hover Over Charts to See Data

Example: When you hover over a point on the Tests Planned vs. Executed chart, a small popup displayed telling you that there are 27 passed test runs on 8/25/2016.

3. Click Data Points of Charts to Drill-Down

Check this article for things you are able to do on Drilldown page.