5. JIRA and External Defects

When there is defect data, the charts and columns are appended with either (qTest) or (Linked)
  • The (qTest) label indicates that you are using the Defects Tab in qTest and the defects are stored internally. 
  • The (Linked) label indicates that you are using an external defect tracker such as JIRA, VersionOne or CA Agile Central (Rally). 

defects.png Under Explore Data there are two sections for defect data.  

Most of reports contain either (qTest) or (Linked) defects or both.  qTest Insights will only display columns in this view if there is data in the column. 
  • For the Defects charts that appear in the upper right of the Quality and Velocity Analysis reports, the chart with the most data will be shown
    • For example: according to the current filters there are more (qTest) defects than (Linked), then the (qTest) version of the chart should be shown.
From tables and charts, the (qTest) data will drill-down into (qTest) defects data section, and the (Linked) data will drill-down to (Linked)
Open Linked Defects in JIRA / VersionOne / Rally | CA
The (Linked) data also supports going to the external system if you click on the Defect ID or Summary.