4.1 Analysis Grid


This article will describe functionalities you can do on the Analysis grid area.

Click Gear icon  on the data grid section.


  • Hide/show columns on the grid: all property columns of the object are listed out so that you can select columns you want to be displayed in the data grid.
  • Sort: Select “Sort”, you can sort any column of the data grid by ascending/ descending.
  • Group: Select “Group”, you can organize rows in the data grid with grouping and sub-grouping.
  • Aggregate: You can calculate totals, averages, and such for the top and grouped levels.

Export : Click icon  to Export data to pdf, csv, excel


  • Click on column name to sort, filter, group, aggregate, add to chart, etc.
  • Drag & drop column around the grid: hold the icon  (left side of column header) to drag and drop your column to another position.
  • Resize column width: hold the icon  (right side of column header) and move the mouse to resize the column.


  • Click linked data on the grid to drilldown to other data set. 
  • Data with a (Linked) label supports going to the external system like JIRA, VerionOne, and Rally | CA Technologies if you click on the Defect ID or Summary.
  • Access qTest by clicking on object names and IDs shown in the report: user can click to go back to qTest tab and view details on those objects.