3.2 Arrange your dashboard

Arrange Your Dashboard  

Panels are charts, graphs, grids and other reporting widgets that can added to shared and personal dashboards.

1. Drag and Drop Panels

You can customize the dashboard by rearranging (drag & drop) panels, by adding or removing them, and by renaming them.  


2. Group Panels in Tabs

Collections of panels can also be arranged in tabs within the dashboard. Click the gear icon to rename the tab, remove it from dashboard, or change the layout.



3. Change Layout

Select Change Layout from the configure options of the tab. In the tab layout popup, you can then chose how to layout the dashboard panels.

  • Free-form: your selected panels will be displayed overlapping each other, then you can freely drag & drop, resize the panels.
  • Pre-defined Layout: quickly choose a layout that fits your number of panels and they will be arranged accordingly.