3.1 Jira integration

When qTest Pulse is integrated with JIRA, work items in Pulse are automatically synced with items in JIRA. Components, sprints, and version (shown as releases within Pulse) are synced with Pulse as well. The projects, issue types, and events that happen based on status changes in Pulse or JIRA are all configurable.

To setup the integration between Pulse and JIRA, perform the following steps.

  1. Open your Project Settings page


2. Select ALM Software.

  1. Enter your JIRA Project URL: This is the domain of your JIRA project. For example, “https://agile.atllassian.net
  2. Enter JIRA Project User Username & Password: This is the username and password of a JIRA account with administrative permissions.
  3. Go the the Project dropdown and select the JIRA project you want to sync. Only one JIRA project can be selected per Pulse project.
  4. Click Save to save your changes. Once your project has been selected, you should see a message that the synchronization with your JIRA project is successful.


Configure JIRA to send events to Pulse

  1. Log in to JIRA with an administrative user
  2. Navigate to the JIRA administration system > System > Webhooks (in the Advanced section).
  3. Click Create a webhook.
  4. Enter the details for your new webhook in the form that is shown. The recommended settings for each field is shown below.
  • Name: Enter a name to easily identify this webhook
  • Status: Enabled
  • URL: Copy the webhook URL in the ALM Software section of Pulse. Each project has it's own URL.


  • Issue Related Events
    • JQL Query: It is recommended to add a JQL filter for the JIRA project you want to sync. This can be done by typing “project =” followed by your JIRA project name.
    • Issue: Created, updated, deleted, worklog changed
  • Worklog: Created, updated, Deleted
  • Project related events
    • Version: Released, unreleased, created, moved, updated, merged, deleted
  • JIRA Software related events:
    • Sprint: Created, deleted, updated, started, closed
    • Board: Created, deleted, updated
  1. Click Create to save your webhook.