8. Embed Reports

This article describes the ability to show reports from qTest Insights on a website for users who do not have qTest credentials. It works by generating JavaScript code that you can use with another website. This feature works for the following reports: 


  • Reports in the Analysis section 
  • Shared Dashboard
  • Any View in Explore Data 
  • Saved Reports 

NOTE: This feature is available from Insights 1.5.

Generate embedded script

  • Navigate to the desired report you want to show on another webpage. 
  • Click embedbutton.png in the Filter panel, or icon in Explore Data and Saved Reports section. The embedded script will be generated and automatically saved to your clipboard.
  • Click OK to close the notification popup

Here are four examples of how to generate the embedded script: 

Embed Analysis report


Embed Shared Dashboard


Embed report by Artifacts (from each view of Explore Data section)



Embed a saved report 


Paste your embedded script to your website

Below is a screenshot of how the Quality Analysis report looks like once you copy its embedded script to a website. It is a static report. Users will not be able to navigate through other features/section of Insights or drill-down the report.

The size of the embedded report is up to its container on your website, so adjust it as how you desire.